Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold

Backlight booty

Where is Triss Merigold? Triss, from The Witcher, is here! She appears in never before seen private photos.

Triss Merigold Photos

Klodi Monsoon, the real life Triss Merigold, spends a beautiful summer day on the Dnieper River in Ukraine.

First, Triss arrives at the boat rental station and selects a boat. She begins a relaxing afternoon boating excursion down the river.

Triss Merigold unhooks boat

Pushing off

Leaving the pier

Some ducks swim by to say hello.

Meeting some ducks


Once Triss is out of site of the people on the shore she removes some clothes to ensure a nice tan.

Taking off shoes

Taking off sweater

Laying down sweater

Triss Merigold taking off top

Triss Merigold boobs

Did she hear something

Where is Triss Merigold


Unbuckling belt

Triss Merigold stripping

Pants off

Standing front

Standing back

Checking the water

Splish splash

Splish splash funny

Beautiful in boat

Triss decides to cool off and takes a quick dip into the water. Even with water snakes in the area, she’s not afraid.

Funny boat exit

In the water

Profile beauty

Through the water

Backlit beauty


The look


Boating fun


Sexy stare

Smiling look


Voyeur covered

Row row row your boat

After an hour or more of rowing it’s time for a break. Triss rows her boat to the shore to explore the beautiful riverside serenity and tranquility.

Landing the boat

Cat tails

Shore perfection

Dock the boat



Forest nude

Beautiful nude

Artistic nude

Gorgeous glance

Beautiful backside

Butt on the river bank

Bright sunlight

Physical perfection

Ass amazing

Ass close-up

Grass glance




This is funny

Now I am laughing

Too much funny

Can not stop laughing


You are the best

Bringing sexy back

More fun time


Let us get out of here sexy

Voyeur in the bushes

Ass voyeur

This is gonna be funny


Some help please


Haha. Not working

As the day nears the end, Triss finishes up with some beautiful artistic poses in the sunset.

River walk

Sunset sitting

Sunset smile

Sitting smile

Sitting sexy

Look back

Look and laugh

Pure bliss

Beautiful look back

Backlight booty

Perfect body

Hello there

Look away to avoid laughter. Not working. Ha.


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Triss Merigold Photos